Humor – One of the most Powerful Marketing Tools

People love to laugh. In fact, there is no better binder or powerful attraction factor than humor in the whole world. Marketers who have used humor in their campaigns have experienced 100% to 400% growth in traffic.  This is the power of laughter, or humor, in your marketing campaign.

Are You Using it Enough?

Think of the last time you received a great humorous ad, punch line, or promotion that made you chuckle. What was your first impulse when you read or saw the advertisement or punch line? You would definitely remember feeling totally and utterly compelled to pass it on to your friends and all others who needed to have a smile during their busy and stressful day.

As good as humor is, it is very difficult to interweave within a marketing campaign. This is because with too much laughter, there is the risk of diverging the attention from the product rather than attracting it. Hence, it is important that humor be used in the right proportion, the right context, and in the right measure. It should lighten up the mind of the reader without taking his attention from the product. It should make him want to know more, to share more, to buy more.

Are You Using it Correctly?

Many marketers make the mistake of pointing their humor outwards. In fact, the best humor, the highest impact humor, is that which is directed within. However, as mentioned above, there is a very thin line between fun humor and criticism, cruelty, sarcasm, and worst of all–vindictiveness. You can use humor to project all of that as unobtrusively as possible. However, the only humor that will work in marketing is the humor directed towards YOU.

People love vulnerability, honesty, integrity, and best of all, they love those who can laugh at themselves. However, to enjoy the highest degree of benefit you need to use it just right. The people should see you laugh at yourself in good humor–but not ridicule or humiliate yourself. Then, it becomes pathetic. Humor should show you in control, yet a little embarrassed and vulnerable. This is one of the most endearing traits ever–in the case of any business, whatsoever.

Are You Using it Now?

Are you displaying any humor in your ads? Perhaps not. Well, it is time you start. You want everyone in your niche to end up laughing with you, though, rather than at you. Right?