Humanize your Brand

It is very rare to develop a trusting relationship with a company. But people do business with companies that they like and trust. So, how do you develop your brand to be likeable and trusting?

Humanize your brand, here is how:

Place an emphasis on your employees.

A good place to begin when humanizing your brand is to show that there are humans working for your brand. Have your employees sign social media updates and blog posts. Also, share photos of your team in and out of the office. Sharing information about what happens in the office as well as how awesome your employees are out of the office is a great way for a reader to connect with the employees behind the brand.

Another great way to show off your team is through an “about us” page. Highlight each member of your team (or a group depending on the size). Show information about employees that is unrelated to the brand. This will allow the reader to really see the personal side of your employees and therefore your brand.

Encourage your employees to share and be social about your company.  There is not a better way to show how your employees actually care about your brand than to have them share it with their network. A good way to increase this type of engagement could be to run a competition between employees. Throughout a specific time period, encourage all employees to share your company on social media to their network. At the end of the competition have employees screen shot the amount of their friends who now “like” your Facebook page. The winner could receive something such as 2 days vacation from work. This sort of competition will encourage all employees to share your company info with their networks as well as making your employees comfortable with this for the future.

When posting, act like a human.

In order to humanize your brand, it is important that you do not always speak like a business. Try to act and speak like a human when making your social media posts. Another way to make this easy is to incorporate humor into your social media posts. View our top 5 ways companies successfully use humor in their social media posts. Click here.

It is important to not always be marketing your brand. Sometimes it is good just to post things for the sole reason of knowing that your target will enjoy it. Do this without any links or call-to-actions. Place an emphasis on your customer and remember to interact with them as well!

Contributed by: Angelina Bowen