How to Virally Grow Your Facebook Page

If you don’t have any engagement on your Facebook page, fans will never see your posts. Read below to learn how to make sure fans see your posts, and how to increase engagement to virally grow your Facebook page.

How fans WILL see your updates:

  • The more they like, comment, share, post on your page, the more likely they are to see your posts.
  • Keep them on your page. The longer your user activity is for viewers the better. Visual posts are best for this.
  • Keep posting. Change up the time of day you post to get different fans seeing your posts. But remember, don’t post too often because this can actually negatively impact your page in the long run.

So how do you increase fan engagement on your page?

  • First, make sure you actually have a fan base to direct your efforts to. You can invite via email, friend list, or share to your Facebook page to initially grow your likes.
  • Post visual content. Think videos and images.
  • Humanize your posts, here is how.
  • Ask questions and use a call-to-action! Instead of just posting an interesting link, ask a question about it, or ask people to comment their thoughts. Like this update if you…
  • Post content that fans have a deep interest in. Current news, or culture.
  • Provide fans with useful information that they actually want to learn about.

To virally grow your Facebook page use these tips to increase engagement. Doing this on a daily basis will be the key to virally growing your Facebook page.

Contributed by: Angelina Bowen