How Cat Memes and Goat Videos Bring People Together


Have you ever shared a silly meme with a friend on Facebook? Ever created a gif or retweeted a trending YouTube video? We’ve all seen those cat videos that pervade the internet. Why is it that these videos, memes, and gifs are so popular and consume so much of our online time? A recent article by fastcocreate explores why people spend a considerable amount of time interacting with the visual web. Essentially, it allows people to share, connect, and interact with other people, and that by engaging this way, people are creating and exchanging creative energy.  As a brand-builder, that is an important concept to remember. Maybe for your brand it isn’t a screaming goat video, but in the end, it should have a similar effect. Your content should motivate people to connect with what you do and want to share it with others because it was meaningful to them on some level.