Rectangle Health (a division of Retriever Medical and Dental) helps practices by providing advanced payment and pre-registration technology solutions that synch with their current systems to reduce waiting room times, offer contactless payment options / affordable recurring payments, and put patients in control of their registration process. 

The challenge that Rectangle Health faced prior to TAE’s involvement, was that their Inside Sales division needed digital solutions that enabled them to conduct the entire sales process over the phone or online.


TAE’s solution was creating two separate ROI calculators: one to help inside sales immediately demonstrate value to potential clients and another (built into their website) that allowed prospective clients to calculate value on their own time. We also revised and reinvigorated brochures to improve the point of contact experience between clients and sales reps. and to help showcase their product in a visually appealing, time-saving way, TAE created an animated video which help close the lapse in understanding between clients and sales. Our final solution was to adjust brand identity to better reach their target audience with particular focus on website-user experience.