Growing Your Instagram Following

We recently created our Instagram account and have been working on building our following. Here are a few things we are doing to kickstart the growth process.

  • We started by posting about 10 pictures just to get started. When posting make sure you # appropriate tags by searching tags first for the most popular and relevant to your “community”.
  • We built out our profile to link to our website.
  • We created a geo-tag for our office. So whenever we post from the office we can tag our location.
  • Then, we followed relevant Instagram users. Whenever you follow a user, they will get a notification saying that “The Artist Evolution is now following you”. This will prompt users to click on your name, taking them to your Instagram page.
  • We also began commenting on other peoples pictures. Comments like “cute” or “awesome” are always appreciated but they won’t get you noticed by other users. Comment on photos with genuine statements, this will get you noticed and in turn encourage viewers to view your profile.
  • To learn what to post read our blog post here.

Follow us on Instagram @TheArtistEvolution. And watch for our Holiday Giveaway on Instagram! We will be posting information soon.

Contributed by: Angelina Bowen