Going Deep

Contributed by Alyssa Peiser
Our team has recently invested in some continuing education to evaluate what it means for us to be doing “deep work.” By deep work, we mean the tasks and projects that “go deep” for clients – it is where we get even more creative, build plans, write copy, design all day; where we look forward for our clients for the next week, the next quarter – how to delight them and engage their tribe most effectively.
The opposite of deep? The running around, checking off a checklist of tasks or answering emails, that, while important, detract from the core reason we’ve been hired by our clients. We can’t spend all our time in deep work, but we can’t spend all our time in admin mode either. So we’ve been learning how to block our time even more efficiently, to shut down the external noise and get to the heart of what we do: create and execute.
We like to bill ourselves as the “anti-agency,” and we definitely like to be light-hearted and have fun (anyone up for a foosball game?), but our team is adopting a new and more focused kind of strategy and in the end it most benefits you, the client. We already allocate time once a week to talk over each client and their campaigns and ask, what can we do to make this work better? And now we are bringing that approach more firmly into the day-to-day as we go deeper for more meaningful productivity.
We’ll always answer your email in a timely fashion, we’re still available for phone calls and meetings and those last minute priorities or unexpected fires to put out will get taken care of, without fail. But we are combining it with a strategic effort to internally and externally choose productivity in our communication and our task list. Extraordinary experience and positive results is the heart of our vision and mission, always.