Fortune 500 Auto Dealership


A Fortune 500 auto dealership chain with 140+ locations and multiple brands. TAE handles creative concepting for monthly promotions and other events and work closely with their marketing manager.

Our Role:

TAE team brainstormed multiple ideas for how to create an interactive piece for managers to work with during a meeting that would also function as a keepsake. Once an idea was chosen, agency was responsible for turnkey production, all on a tight timeline for presentation and selection.

TAE’s Solution:

  • Conducted a team brainstorm for multiple creative ideas to present client.
  • After the presentation of ideas, we had to work with vendors to create budget and create designs and mockups.
  • Once a final idea was selected, agency customized 175+ designs.


TAE’s Results:

  • Agency acted as turnkey solution for ideation through presentation to final product. Client had a memorable product with their branding for meeting.