The Artist Evolution is recognized as a national marketing resource with clients across the country in a variety of industries such as Dental / Medical, Banking, Medical Software, Manufacturing, Restaurants, Real Estate, Legal, Entertainment, Vocational Training, Motivational Speakers, Consulting Firms and more.

We are the aspirational agency specializing in STRATEGIC PLAYBOOKS, IMPLEMENTATION & EXECUTION PROGRAMS, and PROVIDE MARKETING AND SALES TOOLS to equip your business or organization for success!

We work closely with Chief Marketing Officers and Marketing Managers by supporting their marketing efforts and supplying strategy and the “heavy-lifting”.  For over a decade, our team – with a combined 50+ years of experience – has helped get companies to the next level; from accelerated startups to institutions who have hit maturity in their life cycle and are needing help getting to the next century with their marketing!


Our mission is to help businesses grow by implementing proven, innovative marketing strategies through outstanding customer service. We strive to cultivate a lasting relationship and provide exceptional value to our clients as a comprehensive resource for branding, advertising, promotional and marketing support.

We will be THE aspirational market leader for providing the most up-to-date marketing campaign resources, sound strategy, supporting tools, implementation and ongoing customer service.


The Artist Evolution is laser focused on 3 things.

We are thought leaders on doing marketing that works. TAE developed a unique marketing playbook system, perfected by Valerie Champagne, that takes the guesswork out of marketing for clients and provides them with a clear roadmap to success.



The original concept for The Artist Evolution began as a passion project for founder Derek Champagne in Hollywood California in 2005. As a serial entrepreneur and seasoned performer in the L.A. music scene, Derek saw first-hand the major changes in the music industry that created a world-wide impact as a result of the new digital age. As the industry changed, Derek wanted to help artists to pivot so that they would thrive with new solutions for revenue with support from growing companies and sponsors.

In 2007, The Artist Evolution (TAE) took root with HQ in Northwest AR, Derek’s hometown, and quickly evolved into a quality agency with a focus on helping emerging and growing companies to develop their brands and marketing campaigns. With previous experience in the media and agency environment, Derek had a clear vision for a different kind of agency – an “anti-agency” to better serve clients with optimal results.

Today, The Artist Evolution is an award-winning strategic marketing firm with a 12-year track record, excellent reputation with awards and recognition for best in design/marketing/advertising/and innovation, and a solid portfolio of clients. TAE creates and implements strategic marketing campaigns for growing and emerging companies, from startups to household brands.

We take pride in our core values, are focused on culture and team development, and are committed to being THE aspirational agency providing solutions with rock star strategic marketing campaigns and hands-on execution support.


We believe that great strategy must be followed by proper implementation and consistent execution. TAE helps clients with the “heavy lifting” of campaigns to ensure success.


TAE began to attract quality talent who believed in our mission of serving our clients well, giving personal attention and care, and delivering results on time, without fail. The people who make up TAE are the secret sauce for the success of this organization. We are creatives, designers, strategists, consultants, writers, marketers, thought leaders, and most importantly — implementers. We practice Deep Work, we follow a 12 Week Year, we deliver what we promise on time without fail, and we live out our core values each and every day.


1. Deliver Wow through above and beyond service.
2. Timing is everything.
3. Little things are important.
4. Take projects to the finish line without fail. 
5. Embrace solution-oriented thinking.
6. Pursue growth and learning.
7. Manifest your passion and determination.
8. Team is first.
9. Celebrate wins.





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