Facebook for Businesses

If you haven’t noticed yet, business pages on Facebook will turn into the new Timeline format at the end of this month. This is going to change the way businesses use Facebook for marketing…again, and probably not for the last time. Here’s the quick and dirty version of what you need to know about it.

1. The Cover Photo – Just like the personal pages that use the Timeline design, business pages will have a cover photo. The cover photo is the big photo that goes directly behind your profile picture. This offers a lot of design freedom to businesses. You can get creative with the design of the cover photo and even have your profile picture and cover photo flow together like ours do. See them here.

2. The Welcome Page – The page that businesses you didn’t already “Like” had when you first viewed their page is no longer an option. That means there won’t be a “Welcome” tab anymore either. Speaking of tabs….

3. The visible app tabs a business can have is now maxed out at 3. Your business can have more apps on its page than that, but only 3 at a time will be visible (not including the photos tab).

We’ve updated our Facebook and our clients’ already. Have you made the switch yet?