Facebook Campaign Inspiration

No One Deserves to Die by Laughlin Constable

In this Facebook campaign, Laughlin Constable grabbed viewers attention by stating that certain groups of people deserved to die.

They then created a Facebook application using this theme that stated numerical facts about cancer. Facts included things such as how many individuals out of a group will be diagnosed with cancer within their lifetime. The app then accessed that user’s Facebook friends and randomized who would get cancer within their lifetime. From there the app showed that only two friends would survive for longer than five years.

Results.  This Facebook campaign was the second most popular story on Yahoo! from June 26-28, 2012 and their Facebook community has seen a 67% growth rate.

This Facebook campaign is a great example of creatively grabbing the viewers attention. Use a controversial statement to gain attention. From there, offer valuable and interesting information. And don’t forget to encourage shares! Following these steps will make your Facebook campaign a success. Good luck!

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Contributed by: Angelina Bowen