Facebook At Work

Contributed by Meagan Jamison


Almost every employee does it at work. You probably do it at least once a day. You check your Facebook. Facebook is introducing a product that goes from its current social use and reaches into the business world, according to Financial Times.

This new Facebook product will have tools that allow members to work collaboratively on documents and message within the site. Just like the social Facebook, there is a newsfeed (presumably to see work-related updates). There will be no connection between a user’s social Facebook account and their work profile. The site is in testing in London.

This new move makes it seem as though Facebook is attempting to shift into competition with work/business-related sites such as Google. Facebook has acquired several companies since its inception (including Instagram and Oculus) and this new product may be one more attempt to stay relevant.

Source: http://mashable.com/2014/11/16/facebook-at-work-2/