Changes Coming to Facebook

This week the annual Facebook Developer Conference is finishing up in San Francisco.  The conference is directed towards developers, but invariably those changes affect branding, publishers, and marketers. Here is a quick summary of 5 things Facebook announced at the conference.

  1.     Share Sheet – an app that makes targeted and predictable mobile posts
  2.     Facebook Messenger – several changes that affect social-mobile commerce (for example, a brand can use the app to have direct contact wtih customers). Others changes could make Facebook Messenger a competitor to apps like Snapchat.
  3.     GIFs – Brands will now be able to share animation/GIFs (they couldn’t before).
  4.     Mobile app installs – new Analytics feature will give more information about apps to marketers.
  5.     360-degree clips – video clips that are shot with 24 cameras – similar to Google Street View


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