Celebrating Ella Jane’s 1-year with TAE!

IMG_0132We are celebrating Ella Jane’s 1-year anniversary as part of the TAE team! (She loves succulents so we got her one from Garden Living as a gift!) We took a minute to sit down with her and ask her a few questions about her work.
What has been the most challenging part of your work?
The most challenging part of my work is probably managing my day from email! I love interacting with people and sometimes having less  face time with my clients and more digital communication is a challenge.
What has been the most rewarding?
I love watching an idea come to life! Whether it’s seeing the hours of research realized in one of our beautiful marketing plans or turning a brainstorm into an all out campaign for a client. Getting to take part in the creative process where those ideas are hatched and grown and then seeing them happen in real life is such a cool part of what we do.
What is one aspect of the industry that excites/interests you?
My favorite industry trend has to be podcasting. I love podcasts in general– the storytelling, the unique limitations of the medium that lead to such creativity, and I have found it fascinating how different companies and brands are adapting the podcast model to fit their mission and reach their audience. It is such a unique form of content marketing and I have enjoyed watching it evolve over the years.
What is one fact about you that most people might not know?
My maiden name was Presley so I spent the better part of elementary school fielding off the question “Are you related to Elvis” or “Did your parents name you after Elvis”? Ella Presley/Elvis Presley…I guess I understand their reasoning 🙂
(For the record, no, she is not related to Elvis).