Businesses Plug in to Wireless Phone Chargers

Some businesses are considering installing wireless phone chargers for customer use 

           How many times have you found yourself out and about, stuck with a low phone battery and no charger? More like how many times a week, right? Just for that reason, cafes, restaurants, and bars such as Starbucks, McDonald’s and Delta Sky Club are testing wireless phone-charging stations for their customers to use. Starbucks recently announced that it will roll out Duracell Powermat charging docks at 10 stores in Silicon Valley.  The chargers that have been installed at some Starbucks locations in Boston simply lie on the tabletops and look like flat coasters. Let’s hope they have continued success. We would love to see this convenient feature at locations in our area!

This is a great example of providing additional value to your target consumer and making it more convenient for them to interact with your product or service for extended exposure.  Think about relevant things you can do for your customers that they will appreciate and that will encourage them to interact more with your brand with increasing value. This can help to generate word of mouth marketing through more referrals, build brand loyalty, and more.