Bring on the Commercials!

Football Just Over the Goal Line Upper Right
The Super Bowl is just days away and that means brand new commercials that will serve as fodder for the coming year in advertising. While brands tend to tease and even pre-release their commercials online these days, there is still a huge segment of people that go to a party and tune into the game for the commercials alone (and maybe the food. Definitely for the food).
The only time of the year we look forward to commercials…so here are a few to look forward to!
King’s Hawaiian: If you’ve ever had their rolls, you know this is true – they are nearly impossible to keep around!
Buick: In it’s never-ending quest to make Buick cool again, they have recently been employing the celebrity factor. Here, Cam Newton and Miranda Kerr lend their talents to a fun spot.
Kia: Melissa McCarthy, in her comedic element to promote the Eco-car.
Avocados: Avocados from Mexico, back this year with another humorous look at all the wonderful benefits of the fruit.
Snickers: No preview here, as the ad is airing live. But it IS featuring Star Wars star Adam Driver. Similarly, Hyundai will be filming their spot during the game – set to air immediately after.