Brand Reputation for National Pizza Franchise

Client: National Pizza Franchise

Overview: National Pizza Franchise needed help managing brand reputation and customer interaction for 27 store locations on social media. In this particular case, the client received a poor review on their Facebook page and loss of business from a long-time customer.

Solution: Through prompt response time and friendly and professional customer service, TAE was able to coordinate a solution for the customer. The customer removed their negative review from the page and was excited to continue being a customer.


​Find the Noid Marketing Campaign

Overview: Client hired TAE for unique campaigns to drive brand engagement across social media properties.

Solution: TAE revitalized a national marketing campaign from the 80s and customized it for a local market. 

Results: By incorporating scavenger hunt elements via social media, agency was able to drive high volume brand engagement and participation both online and offline. Since, TAE has introduced this campaign to multiple other markets achieving equal engagement success and it has become a staple in the franchise’s recurring marketing activities.