Thankful to be a part of creating this brand

Contributed by Derek Champagne A few Holidays back, my wife and I were preparing for a trip to visit her family on Long Island when we received the call. "She has Cancer" - the voice of a brother holding back tears as he  delivered the bad news about his wife's health.  As the world exchanged gifts and celebrated that Season, our family shed tears and lifted up prayers that the chemo treatment would be successful. After many long months of harsh chemo treatment and with her courageous, fighting spirit - we received the great news - the cancer was gone!…

New Identity for Horizon OMS

Branding and  Identity package we developed  for Horizon OMS at Pinnacle in Rogers, AR. This package included: name of business, logo, business cards, letterhead, envelopes, overview brochure, referral form brochure, website, and signage. Website:  

New Client Spotlight

Visit the new Greenspot Website An excerpt from Greenspot's Blog: We’re on a quest to green our lives and our business.  We’re not green activists who grew up in the early days of the movement.  We’re ordinary people like you – deeply concerned about the planet’s future, seeking to do the right thing, sifting vendors’ claims about what’s really environmentally friendly and what’s green-washed.  And we intend to make a difference – a big one. We’re GreenSpot Global , a green real estate and services company.  What that means is we know green buildings inside and out – both residential…

A Philosophy of Business and Life

Contributed by Derek Champagne Over the past several weeks I  have working with our client, Dr. Randolph L. Lais,  to organize a presentation that he will be sharing at the  Rogers/Lowell Chamber Brown Bag Lunch tomorrow (4/9/2010). This powerful presentation effortlessly covers many topics  such as  Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, the components of leadership, the value of education,  purpose triangle, obstacles to fulfillment, structural tension and goal setting, developing a vision, defining success, communication and relationships, and more. ...and addresses an  important question: How much is enough? Click Here to Visit Dr. Lais Website Even during our informal meetings to…

Top 3 Famous April Fool’s Day Pranks

Contributed by Derek Champagne As I conducted my usual early morning "wake up" ritual of  sipping  coffee, checking/responding to business emails, and taking a quick run through Facebook and Twitter -  I was reminded that today is April Fool's Day. I saw a few clever prank posts from Facebook friends this morning.  I also noticed that Google changed their header name to "Topeka". After a few minutes of research on this "Holiday?" - Here are my top 3 favorite April Fool's Day Pranks (pulled from The Museum of Hoaxes) ***Disclaimer- Researching this on an empty stomach - All 3  involve…



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