Beat the Afternoon Slump


Everyone knows an afternoon slump can cause a decrease in efficiency and productivity around the office. lists just a few unique ways to pickup the mood and keep the creative energy flowing – like dancing, opening the blinds or watching a YouTube video of a cute cat. We have a few of our own favorites around our office:

1.       Foosball: the best office tension tension reliever: a quick game of 2-on-2 gets out stress, lets us yell, and most of all take, a quick break for team building fun.

2.       A quick coffee break: we love our Keurig (we’ve extolled Blueberry coffee more than once!), but a Sonic run on a hot summer day is also a good pick-me-up.

3.       Stress balls: no, we don’t sit around squeezing these to help us stay awake. Instead, we like to throw them in our coworker’s offices, kamikaze style. Never underestimate the power of a bright orange stress ball (or 8) pinging across your desk.