A Philosophy of Business and Life

Contributed by Derek Champagne

Over the past several weeks I  have working with our client, Dr. Randolph L. Lais,  to organize a presentation that he will be sharing at the  Rogers/Lowell Chamber Brown Bag Lunch tomorrow (4/9/2010).

This powerful presentation effortlessly covers many topics  such as  Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the components of leadership, the value of education,  purpose triangle, obstacles to fulfillment, structural tension and goal setting, developing a vision, defining success, communication and relationships, and more.

…and addresses an  important question: How much is enough?

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Even during our informal meetings to organize the  content of his presentation- the subject matter that Dr. Lais shared has been inspiring and has challenged me to examine my own balance in life – as a business owner, client, teacher, student, vendor, husband, father, son, friend, uncle, nephew, neighbor,  and more.

Below is a preview of what  will be discussed during this event:

April 9, 2010  •  Noon
Rogers-Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce
“Philosophy of Busines – Achieving Balance in Your Career and Life.
Featuring Dr. Randolph Lais

Philosophy of Business Achieving Balance in Your Career and Life.

Shared by Dr. Randolph Lais, this seminar addresses questions that all people in business must answer in order to find a healthy, happy balance in their lives.

How much is enough?  Will more money really make me happier? How can I balance my work and my family?  What do I stand for and what does my business stand for?  What are my goals and what limitations am I placing on myself or my business? How do I choose not to participate in the current economy?

Discover strategies for lowering your stress level, not allowing your work to consume you, and for achieving a balance in your life.

Dr. Lais speaks from his heart and shares his own personal experience of leaving a successful practice in MO to start again here in Northwest AR.

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