7 Trends to Watch in 2014

As 2013 comes to a close, we look forward to exciting new trends and innovations that will be developed and implemented in 2014. Trendwatching.com has compiled a list of 7 consumer trends to move forward with in the coming year. Here’s a quick summary of each:

1.The “Guilt Free” Status: sustainable or recycled will be an important denotation for products this coming year. People want to feel good about the things they buy!

2.Crowd-Shaped: with an increasing social media preference, everyone wants to customize their preferences. Crowd-shaping refers to an assembling of preferences to create/influence goods and services.

3.Greener Solutions: Projects worldwide reward for recycling, create urban green spaces, and constructing LEED certified projects.

4.“Mychiatry”: products that track and improve wellbeing, such as apps. They create a way to perform better than peers or to relieve time pressures.

5.No Data: entities will be very vocal about NOT collecting your personal info.

6.Caring Things: similar to mychiatry, products that are focused on people’s wellbeing, such as a football helmet than can report injuries to a coach on the sideline.

7.Going Local and Global: an increasing push of both local and global products.


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