3 Ways to Use Google Plus to Increase your Online Presence

Google Plus can help you show up in search results! This social media outlet plays a large role in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and is growing! Do not ignore this opportunity to grow your online presence.

1. Optimize your Profile

First, add as much information as possible to your profile. Remember to use all of your keywords! If you include any information about your company’s products or services, link to those specific landing pages on your site. Google allows you to use bullet point lists in your description, which would also be good for listing your products and services.

2. Enable Your Personal Profile to Have your Content Show in Google’s Social Search.

Social Search was created to help searchers find content from their social circle. Google creates a secret circle of everyone you follow on different connected networks and incorporates their shared information into your search results. This makes it very important to post information containing your keywords. When people who follow you conduct a google search containing any information you have socially shared, this will show up in their search results.

The first step is to fill out your other connected networks on your google profile. Include all of your links to your various social media networks. This is under the “other profiles” section. To enter new connected networks you will have to enter the entire url of the page. For example, to connect our facebook page we would enter: www.facebook.com/theartistevolution. This allows Google to access all of your followers on all different social media outlets. They will use this information to create your “social circle.” Your “social circle” will then see your content in their search results.

3. Engage with Google Plus Users

As always, it is extremely important to engage with other users. Engage with similar people/businesses. Because your business page cannot circle people until they circle you, it is important to first use your personal page to build relationships.

One good way to be “circled” is to show up in related searches. To do this, circle companies who are related to your brand. Also, post consistently about related topics and use your related keywords. Make sure the content you post is valuable. Getting Google’s +1 from users is very important in showing your social influence.

Spend a few minutes every day sharing and contributing to Google Plus to boost your page as well as your online presence.

Contributed by: Angelina Bowen